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“angie………..aaaangie” no, this is not a blog about a rolling stones song

our neighbors of 8 years are moving to East Texas

my heart is sad………….. for me

yet  happy for them because it’s a great opportunity for their family

i will miss doing life with them on a daily basis

before angie and michael moved in and i formally met them

people would say, “i heard angie moss is going to be your neighbor, you are going to love her!” or “i was in angie’s bible study, she is incredible!”

i actually replied, “hey, hopefully people are saying to angie ‘you are going to love lisa goff!!'” 🙂

i have so many fond memories of having angie and her family as my neighbor

here is my top ten

10) early morning texts from angie on school mornings, “sister, do you have two pieces of bread for bracks lunch?”

9) early morning texts from angie on school mornings, “sister, do you have any milk for brennen’s cereal?”

8) early morning texts from me to angie on school mornings, “sister, can i borrow chips for my boys lunch?”

7) late summer evenings by the pool sipping cherry bombs

6) pwt (poor white trash) nights in our driveways watching our boys play

5) her hugs

4) introducing me to darra and heather

3) driving my son samuel to school most of his junior year while he didn’t have a car

2) her laugh and smile

1) on the day of my mother’s funeral many friends and family brought food to the house and stayed for dinner.  after a long evening of crying, laughing and sharing stories

angie and michael waited until everyone left, let me put on my pj’s…

and sat with my family and me.

angie, your new neighbors are BLESSED!

(btw, i called your new neighbors to encourage them to keep extra bread and milk on hand…….)


dr. pharo


this is dr. milam pharo, he was my boys pediatrician for 17 years…

i called the pediatricians office today to get joseph in for a strep test…

only to be told dr. pharo had passed away…

i asked dr. pharo one time, “where am i supposed to take the boys when you retire?’

he said, ” i won’t be retiring until the good Lord brings me home.”

he is now home with his Savior.

i will miss his respect for my boys and for me…

i will miss his wisdom (he was 87 when he died)…

i will miss all of his wonderful stories, and he had a lot of stories..

he touched so many lives in his 62 years of practice…

he will be missed by many…

i am so very thankful that he was our pediatrician…

where do i begin…


…to tell the story of how great a love can be? or to talk about the last few weeks of my life?

we have been busy…

the boys are all home for the summer…

benjamin & joseph are playing on a school summer league basketball team….

this is their friend jack who is also on the team..

jack’s brother cole is on the team as well…he was sick for the 1st game…

we hosted a going away party…talk about that tomorrow

we sent benjamin and joseph to pine cove for the week…


we’ve had a ‘hostel’ takeover here at our house

our driveway looks a little like a used car lot (i’m not complaining)

various groups of samuel’s friends have camped here over night on their way to the airport (without their cars)

as they leave for global mission trips…


off to scope out the state where they will be moving for a new job…

we have loved getting to know each and every one of them…

the Lord has richly blessed samuel with friends…

be back tomorrow

ok here we go


i’ll start by dedicating this to my family and friends who encouraged me to blog.  my husband and sons, heather, nicole, angelina, lauren, bootsie, sheri, and pam.  and oh yes, valerie, who will be commenting.

yesterday, monday, was kind of a crazy day.  i made a lame attempt to “organize” the pantry upon doing so i dropped an almost full box of steel cut oats sending oats all over the pantry.  so you know what i did… i swept them into a pile and walked off.


samuel, son #2, asked if he could reheat his chick fil a sandwich and fries in the microwave in the chick fil a sack… i told him i thought it would be fine.. guess what i forgot the sandwich bag has foil in it.  yep, you guessed it we had a little fire in the microwave.

today, while running at the indoor track at the gym a 93 year old man (who really is super sweet and i know him from both of us being at the gym quite often) asked me, “have you gained weight?”  i said, “i hope not.”  he said, “it looks like your legs are bigger.”  y’all i seriously do not think my legs are bigger…maybe he just remembers them smaller than they were.

samuel and i were in the kitchen this afternoon and i said, “you know i’ve cooked every night since you’re dad has been out of town” (he left sunday afternoon).  he said, “yes but it’s only tuesday.”  3 nights in a row might just be a record for me….