peach goes venti.  i’m sure you’re wondering what this means…

peach~my husband, shawn, has a friend whose mom said to them while they were in college that she prayed they would marry  godly “peaches.”  when we married in 1992 shawn began calling me peach. his friends began calling me peach because they heard him refer to me that way…. my friends now call me peach.

goes venti~do you remember when starbucks used to have the quotes on their coffee cups?  i said it would take at least a venti cup for me to tell what i felt like i needed to say…

thus this blog is about me, peach, going venti

i have been married to shawn since january 30, 1992.

we have 4 boys (young men) michael, samuel, benjamin, joseph

i love unsweetened ice tea

i love being with my friends

i like audrey hepburn

i like watching old movies (they don’t make ’em like they used to)

i like any kind of music that gets me dancing (snoop dogg anyone?)

i like bright colors

i like running

i like eating but don’t like cooking

and last, but certainly not least, i am so very thankful that Jesus has forgiven and continually forgives me


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  1. Lisa! Love reading your story… God’s story really…. written upon your life. His work in you makes me smile ear to ear! Love, love, love you!!!

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