“angie………..aaaangie” no, this is not a blog about a rolling stones song

our neighbors of 8 years are moving to East Texas

my heart is sad………….. for me

yet  happy for them because it’s a great opportunity for their family

i will miss doing life with them on a daily basis

before angie and michael moved in and i formally met them

people would say, “i heard angie moss is going to be your neighbor, you are going to love her!” or “i was in angie’s bible study, she is incredible!”

i actually replied, “hey, hopefully people are saying to angie ‘you are going to love lisa goff!!'” 🙂

i have so many fond memories of having angie and her family as my neighbor

here is my top ten

10) early morning texts from angie on school mornings, “sister, do you have two pieces of bread for bracks lunch?”

9) early morning texts from angie on school mornings, “sister, do you have any milk for brennen’s cereal?”

8) early morning texts from me to angie on school mornings, “sister, can i borrow chips for my boys lunch?”

7) late summer evenings by the pool sipping cherry bombs

6) pwt (poor white trash) nights in our driveways watching our boys play

5) her hugs

4) introducing me to darra and heather

3) driving my son samuel to school most of his junior year while he didn’t have a car

2) her laugh and smile

1) on the day of my mother’s funeral many friends and family brought food to the house and stayed for dinner.  after a long evening of crying, laughing and sharing stories

angie and michael waited until everyone left, let me put on my pj’s…

and sat with my family and me.

angie, your new neighbors are BLESSED!

(btw, i called your new neighbors to encourage them to keep extra bread and milk on hand…….)


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  1. Precious memories!! So awesome to have neighbors you can call for bread & chips… BEFORE school! I cherish my memories with you both!!

  2. LISA GOFF! You are so amazing. I am blown away and crying like a baby now. We have so many amazing memories together, sister. I can’t imagine life without you in it! I can’t fathom it, but the Lord made us sisters eternally so there is never a goodbye! WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH BETTER OF A PERSON I AM BECAUSE OF YOU:) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving me unconditionally and for always being a constant in my life. You are truly a peach!

  3. LISA GOFF! You are precious beyond words. I’m crying like a baby now, but thank you for the sweet words and darling pictures. Those moments are priceless to me, and I will never forget them. The Lord has made us sisters eternally, so there is never really a goodbye. I am so much of a better person because of you, friend. The Lord in Heaven was shining down on us when we bought that beautiful home on Mahan Court. I love you! You must come and see me in East Texas….PLEASE COME SEE ME!!!! I can’t imagine doing life without you. Hugs!!!

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