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school’s out…..

enough said…

school’s out…..


ok here we go


i’ll start by dedicating this to my family and friends who encouraged me to blog.  my husband and sons, heather, nicole, angelina, lauren, bootsie, sheri, and pam.  and oh yes, valerie, who will be commenting.

yesterday, monday, was kind of a crazy day.  i made a lame attempt to “organize” the pantry upon doing so i dropped an almost full box of steel cut oats sending oats all over the pantry.  so you know what i did… i swept them into a pile and walked off.


samuel, son #2, asked if he could reheat his chick fil a sandwich and fries in the microwave in the chick fil a sack… i told him i thought it would be fine.. guess what i forgot the sandwich bag has foil in it.  yep, you guessed it we had a little fire in the microwave.

today, while running at the indoor track at the gym a 93 year old man (who really is super sweet and i know him from both of us being at the gym quite often) asked me, “have you gained weight?”  i said, “i hope not.”  he said, “it looks like your legs are bigger.”  y’all i seriously do not think my legs are bigger…maybe he just remembers them smaller than they were.

samuel and i were in the kitchen this afternoon and i said, “you know i’ve cooked every night since you’re dad has been out of town” (he left sunday afternoon).  he said, “yes but it’s only tuesday.”  3 nights in a row might just be a record for me….